Joshua Boquist


In 2013 I completed the UW BSMSE program and during this year a transition from classroom applications of my knowledge to real-life applications ensued. During my final year of college, I invented a product and submitted a provisional patent application. I then made a physical prototype and established connections with manufacturers to produce my unique iPhone case that could be used in lieu of a wallet. However, due to unfortunate circumstances I was unable to see my product to its completion. This experience was not a waste because it provided me with the knowledge and insight into the manufacturing industry that allowed me to obtain a job at Synsor. Through my employment at Synsor I have gained valuable CAD skills and am experienced with Soldiworks as well as Revit. I am constantly adhering to Design for Manufacturing (DFM) principles. I am a very driven person who enjoys learning new concepts and challenging myself in innovative ways. While I am not at work I enjoy experiencing the outdoors whether it is relaxing on the family boat, taking a bike ride along the Burke-Gilman, or hiking the Olympics. I am a very well rounded person with great teamwork skills, a vast experience with CAD and engineering drawings, and a competitive drive that has influenced me to take on a greater responsibility.