Brian Alamano


My whole life I have willingly allowed myself to be a catalyst of resolution. Whenever there has been an issue, or problem, that seems nearly impossible to overcome, I always volunteer my brain to be a part of the solving committee. I can only think of two reasons why I have developed this characteristic: 1) I might have a guilty pleasure for being the guy who can be trusted to provide a clear and rational solution to a difficult situation, and 2) I will always make the necessary sacrifice to successfully drive the people, brands, and projects that surround me. While my professional journey has only just begun, here is a brief snapshot of what I have successfully accomplished: • Coordinated, and planned, a five day marketing roadshow for Muscle Milk (CytoSport) that encompassed three markets (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego) • Key content contributor and editor for a local cultural magazine • Developed and led a top performing marketing team • Promoted to oversee consumer marketing operations in Los Angeles for Muscle Milk after one year My passions are boundless. Whether it is being a part of the creative marketing process or managing a multifaceted project, I always approach my assignments with an eagerness to learn something new and produce a significant outcome. I find comfort in both leadership and supportive roles; I can give direction just as much as I can take it. I am relentless in the effort that I put forth for myself, and the companies that I work for.