Patricia Romo


For me fashion it's a way to connect and unite people of different cultures, a way to reflect the beauty around us and give pause to people through my design. My passion for traveling, meeting new cultures, femininity, sophistication, fashion and being in pursuit of my personal growth is reflected in every one of my designs. I started my studies in Fashion Design at the University of Monterrey, where I was two years and then continue in the School of Design in Barcelona, ??where I finished my studies obtaining the diploma to the best academic notes of the generation from 2009 to 2013. Then I continue my graduate studies doing a Master in Fashion Industry and Design Management at ESDI-EATM, also in Barcelona, ??Spain. During these years, I did some interships and worked in different fields of fashion, in Mexico and Barcelona. All my work experiences have helped me grow as a designer and person, and have taken great experiences and learning from those.