Erica Leonard


I am a fun, outgoing, personable individual with a strong business background in many industries. Sales and marketing are my forte, as I graduated from Cal State University San Marcos with a BA in Communications and Journalism. I love working with and around people, using my advanced people skills and knowledge on ethics in the workplace to grow the company I am a part of. I love to travel and incorporate all the knowledge I have gained from around the world into my business and personal practices, leaving new and creative insight into cultural variances on way of life. I am very athletic and have been competing in Snowboarding, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding and Running for over 15 years. I enjoy hiking, surfing, body boarding, and pretty much anything that involved being outdoors and speed! I thrive on incorporating all aspects of my life into my business and I am very eager to see what next opportunities may be in store for me.