Matt Gesualdi


I'm looking for a position in which I can use all of the skills I have learned and honed. Management to me is a combination of teaching, learning, hands-on training, quality assurance, counseling, having fun, motivational inspiration and kicking butt. I have designed and manufactured many different objects, artistic as well as functional and I enjoy all aspects of design including concept development, user-centered design, manufacturing processes and fabrication. As a designer I treat each challenge with the same respect. Function and design are conjoined and should flow together. Problem-solving and brainstorming are what energizes me to think and create. My work with building tactile models for the blind has brought me to new places. The energy I get from seeing someone understand architecture and scale for the first time is raw and encouraging. I would like to use these skills for museum exhibits. I have worked extensively with laser cutters, 3D printers and shop tools in the process of designing and prototyping. My skills in Photoshop and AutoCAD 2D and 3D are strong enough to have led many classes. I have excellent written and oral skills in English and an aptitude for foreign languages. And, I really love teaching; whether it is in the classroom, on a manufacturing floor or as a manager; teaching is always rewarding and enlightening.