Evan Solida

Evan Solida

Industrial Designer | Specializing in Bicycles and Kayaks

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Evan Solida is an accomplished industrial designer and entrepreneur with 18 years of experience in a diverse set of disciplines in consumer product development. Prior to launching 6Design, Evan managed product development for Greg LeMond’s line of bikes and indoor trainers. He was also a Senior Industrial Designer at Confluence Watersports, the largest canoe and kayak manufacturer in the world. Evan’s extensive portfolio of sporting goods and consumer electronics showcase a keen focus on usability, branding and manufacturing. He has a unique understanding of everything that is involved in new product development and the business decisions that drive them.

Evan’s passion and innovation stems from his ability to take inspiration from a wide variety of markets. After suffering a collision with an automobile while cycling, he formed Cerevellum with the help of an angel investment group to bring the world’s first cyclometer with rearview camera (later known as the Hindsight 35) to market. It was named “Product of the Show” by Interbike TV in 2011 and started shipping to consumers worldwide in 2012. Evan received the U.S. utility patent for the Hindsight in early 2014.

Evan’s consumer design work immediately grabs attention and the infusion of performance engineering has set his work apart from the crowd. His designs have garnered countless industry awards, including the coveted “Boat Brand of the Year” Award in paddlesports. His work has also been the design of choice for athletes at the top of their sport, including a 2nd place finish of the Blue Triad SL at the Ironman World Championships in Kona.

Evan’s depth of expertise spans a wide variety of specializations including product ideation, 3D modeling and conceptualization, business planning, market analysis, sourcing and manufacturing, pricing strategy, forecasting and sales. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Purdue University in 2000.