Shelby  Sapienza

Shelby Sapienza

Currently: Barn Assistant at Lesley Cox Equestrian
Location: Saint Petersburg FL
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I am seeking an opportunity as a sales representative, management position, advertisement, marketing, and promotional positions. I am very ambitious to get my career started, as a student at the University of South Florida Saint Petersburg intending to graduate Fall 2015 with a bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences. I achieved an AA in Humanities as well as taken multiple classes in business and art. I have been working in the horse industry since I was 8 years old, as a barn manager, assistant, sales rep, along with many other positions. I want to take my love for sports and action which I have learned through the equestrian industry and transfer my skills to the athletic community.

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  • My interests include bettering myself experiences and knowledge
  • while enjoying every moment doing so. The more I grow the more I am able to help others succeed as well. I want to find a career not a job
  • right now that is my interest. Brands such as Flo Motion
  • Billabong
  • Quick silver
  • Roxy
  • O'Neil
  • Red Bull
  • NorthFace
  • and many more have inspired me to seek a job in the sports/action industry. I love attending sports events such as colligate sports
  • motor cross
  • fishing
  • surfing
  • and the X-Games. Travelling is one of my favorite activities and has inspired me to search for a career that I truly enjoy. From backpacking Europe to travelling around the United States these journeys keep me motivated in my search for a career.
  • I have been an equestrian rider for 16 years but also active in many other sports. I enjoy many water sports
  • supporting many of my friends whom are on the collegiate wake boarding and surfing teams of UF. I have partaken in many outdoor activities my whole life such as motor cross (and other ATV's)
  • snorkeling
  • snow skiing
  • longboarding
  • and camping.
  • Associated with the University of Florida wake and surf club.

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