Christine Dart


Invent Smart. Your product works better so don't let your competition win your market with their flashy marketing and design. Combine good business and marketing practice with superior product functionality and capture the market. My expertise helps your company do just that. Mechanical and product design engineer with 3 years of branding and marketing experience (B2C) and 8 years of designing / drafting products including medical devices, aircraft part-testing stands, tooling fixtures, lifting devices, hardware, locks and latching mechanisms, point of purchase displays, and storage fixtures. - Knowledgeable in metals and plastics - Experienced w/ sheet metal and flat patterns in SolidWorks - Experienced with molded plastic designs - Able to create animations in SolidWorks - Talented in visual design and marketing - Fuses aesthetic & mechanical design to achieve better, more marketable products - Familiar with overseas manufacturing - Understands engineering revision process