Ryan Dorn


At heart, I’m a storyteller (in both words and pictures). From blog posts, to social media, to magazine articles, to telling stories at a cocktail party. Sharing stories in a creative way that moves people is what I love to do. I’m currently looking for a position with a company where I can use my experience of connecting people and content in a fun and creative way. I recently worked as a staff writer for one of America's largest, fastest-growing, and most innovative churches. My roles ranged from long-form journalism pieces, to copy writing, to assisting on social media accounts, and creating email marketing campaigns. My freelance writing and editorial photography have appeared in SIP Northwest Magazine, Mountain Outlaw Magazine, Big Sky Weekly, and on the Matador Network. I'm a co-founder of the Seattle Whiskey Collective. The SWC is a monthly bourbon and rye tasting club with a focus on learning about whiskey and building community. I help teach about whiskey, write blog posts on whiskey and cocktails, and run the social media accounts.