Rick Beeman


10 Things you ought to know about Rick Beeman 1. I am an award winning filmmaker. 2. I spent 10 years in Hollywood writing, producing, directing and editing, primarily biographies and documentaries. (These programs aired in syndication and on cable.) 3. I have practical experience in many disciplines in different cultures/countries including five years in Taiwan and throughout the Middle East. 4. I have successfully produced with and directed Arabic speaking crews as well as Mandarin Chinese and Filipino speaking crews. (The success is all about being a clear and concise communicator no matter what the genre or locale.) 5. Mrs. Merlin Mantle, claimed that the biography I wrote and produced on Mickey Mantle was the best she had ever seen. 6. Tim Rice, claimed my Eva Peron biography was one of the best that he had ever seen. 7. The manager of Public Relations of Saudi Aramco, claimed that the recruiting video which I wrote and produced was the best the department had ever produced. 8. Time is Brain, A Stroke Awareness and Prevention video I wrote and produced, won a Freddy Award (The Oscar equivalent for Medical Videos). 9. I’m passionate, resourceful, efficient and perseverant. 10. (On a personal note) The first words I ever spoke to my wife face to face when I met her were: “Will you marry me?” (We’ve been happily married ever since.) I tell you that to illustrate that I’m bold, innovative and think outside of the box when necessary. If you would like to see samples of my work that back up my claims, please visit my homepage at www.rickbeeman.com