Albert Castro


I have been pursuing an MBA at California State University Fullerton with a dual concentration in Business Analytics and Finance. I started the program in 2012, and I am expected to graduate in 2015. I am seeking a career focused on financial analysis with a specialty forecasting and predictive analytic models and techniques. My previous background as a scientist has honed my problem solving skills and required me to be detail oriented and analytical by trade. My current position as a project manager has developed my soft skills for leading and devising creative solutions with cross-functional teams of varying experience and capabilities. In addition to my educational concentration of focus, I have also been devoting extra time to more advanced statistical analytics software - R (Statistical Computing and Programming). I believe that my particular combined working experience, educational background, and focus on finance and data analytics provide a unique package of skills that will prove advantages for analyzing financial data. I have studied and applied the following skills and techniques to creating forecasting models: time series decomposition, Holt-Winters forecasting, ARIMA models, predictive analytics, dynamic regression, clustering analysis, and data mining. I am seeking a position focused on financial analytics and forecasting. I am more concerned with aligning my careering with my MBA concentrations and focus. Thus, I am flexible and open to salary negotiation if the appropriate opportunity presents itself.