Bryce Ashland


I am interested in decision-making at a micro and macro level, from individual motivations to corporate strategies. My career path has allowed me the opportunity to learn and analyze operational data for decision-making purposes in multiple industries. I believe that everyone should enjoy what they do everyday. Happy people make the best employees. I like working in teams and I encourage an open and collaborative environment. I enjoy sharing what I know and learn with others so that they can grow as well. I believe in helping my coworkers even if it means stretching my capacity. I believe in communication and breaking down silos. I believe in change. I believe in asking "Why not?" I believe aesthetics are always important. And I believe the key to organizational growth is getting your customer to believe in the "why" behind what you do. My specialties include but are not limited to: process improvement, project management, collaboration and knowledge sharing, contract negotiation, data and systems management, team-building, volunteerism and retention, and non-profit management. I have experience in the education, travel/leisure, safety consulting, real estate, and construction industries. I have experience at both for-profit and non-profit organizations as both an employee and volunteer.