Luis Ziober


I am a Brazilian born and native Oregonian since 2008, I bring 15+ years or experience in the wholesale and retail industry. Family man, Quickbooks and Excel nerd, accountant by training, musician by heart, snowboarder when it snows, skateboarder when it doesn’t, and mountain biker the rest of the time, I have found my home in Bend, 6,000 miles away from my home trails in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Professionally I have been involved in the entrepreneurial small business environment since 2001. From data entry and web management, to operations management, bookkeeping and currently as a controller for a SUP company I have experienced all corners of a small business in many different industries. From outdoor industries, to restaurant ownership, wine making and mountain biking coaching, I have found my passion in working with dedicated, creative people that sees the benefit of team work and forward thinking.

Living gives us a chance to learn at any moment - I keep my eyes and ears open to the next big challenge and love to innovate whenever necessary.