Karen Riedler


I am passionate about the creative arts and being a thoughtful, caring individual. I make it my personal goal in life to brighten the faces of those around me both in my workplace, my social groups, and my family. I feel energized by being an active and important cog in a working system. I currently work part time as a substitute teacher in the Thermalito School District and as an administrative/graphic assistant at Sounds by Dave, a legendary Chico-local A/V store. On an average week, I spend about two days subbing in various classrooms and the rest of the time tending to the store in my various tasks. When I'm not carrying out my dual part time jobs, I am keeping myself busy making things. I have published one book titled, "Darby" and I am currently in the progress of gathering funds for my second book titled "Ordinary Monsters." I have done a few murals for friends, family, and a hair salon for kids. I pick up graphic freelance work when I can, producing designs for both print and web. As of right now, I live in Chico with my husband and my fish, but I plan to move back to San Diego as soon as the opportunity arises. I hope to find a position where I can show off my dedication and hard work in a positive and friendly working environment.