Jason Gonzales


Inspired by the likes of SoulPancake and other uplifting media companies, I live for utilizing creative advertising and media to not tell a brands story, but to also make an impact and inspire social growth and change. Growing up as a creative individual with a knack for quickly grasping concepts, my interests and aspirations have swayed between the bridges that links photography/video, graphic media, marketing, and customer service/PR. According to a TED Talk I’m known as a “multipotentialite:” an individual with diverse interests across numerous domains [that] may be capable of success in many endeavors or professions. Whether its heading out to a random location for a fashion shoot, manipulating text and imagery to convey a captivating message, developing a surefire social media campaign, or overseeing an event/product launch, use of my creativity, knowledge, and experiences have continued to yield great results. But it’s never on my own. Collaboration is my key to success. I can usually be found with other forward-thinkers discussing unique ideas and I always align myself with individuals of drive and purpose. On my off days I’m usually volunteering with an organization to fulfill my sense of community service or off on an adventure in an unknown place to broaden my cultural views.