Taylor Dunn


Excellent Social Media skills, Strong Knowledge of Social Networking Platforms, Experienced Business Promotion using varied media, Facebook, Foursquare, Groupon, Twitter. Proficient with Microsoft Office, Photoshop and most online platforms. Articulate communicator with experience in tradeshows, sales and media events, tested public speaking skills with outstanding verbal and written skills. A resourceful personality who enjoys people and creating new and innovative ideas. Experience Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with concentration in Public Relations. As part of the customer experience team with Pumphouse Brewery, I ensure that patrons have an enjoyable dining experience by providing quality customer service, handling all types of personalities in a friendly personal manner that promotes the business in a positive way. A Social Media Marketing Assistant with Nina Nguyen Design with responsibility to promote the company over social media platforms and increase brand recognition. Experienced working with high performance companies, which include Walt Disney and Joe DiMaggio’s Children’s Hospital   Through my past experience I have developed an understanding of what world-class companies require to succeed. I am an energetic person with a strong work ethic who enjoys challenges and learning new skills. My communication skills and past training have allowed me to develop knowledge in social media, event planning and maintaining a consistent message to increase exposure by developing the customer base and improve stakeholder satisfaction. While working at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, I was a member of the fund raising team, which helped to promote and fund raise for the first freestanding children’s hospital in Broward County Florida.