Pamela Zoolalian


One of the first women to compete in the ESPN X-Games, Pamela has left her mark as a trailblazer, leader and roll model. Pamela grew up influenced by the mountains; ocean and urban streets of Southern California. This led her to years of surfing, skateboarding, street-luging, snowboard, mountain biking, hiking and backpacking. This influence helped drive her passion for all things action sports and outdoors related. This passion has influenced her in the action sports community not only as an athlete but also as an apparel designer. These early sports and design accomplishments have featured her in the pages of some of the top magazines including Los Angeles Magazine, Paper, Nickelodeon, Sports Illustrated and Details. A 45 second NIKE commercial featured Pamela as the Just Do It Downhill Diva. Her leathers, helmet and streetluge board have been prominently displayed at Disney’s All Star Café in Orlando, Fl. Pamela was also photographed by acclaimed artist Annie Leibovitz for her Women in Sports Project. Pamela’s background as a professional athlete gives her an intimate knowledge and understanding of the technical function of garments and their performance capabilities. This combined with her degree in design led to a successful career as an apparel designer. Having all her passions come together gave her what she needed to work with many of the Action Sports industry greats. Pamela’s love for all things outdoors lead her to volunteer with a youth mentoring organization for several years. Through her volunteer work Pamela was so moved that she wanted to bring the outdoor experience to her own community. This inspired her to found the nonprofit She has spent the last few years teaching girls to snowboard as well as other outdoor activities, which has lead to many invaluable life lessons.