Brynn Fecske


Brynn Fecske has a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Marketing and Management from the Art Institute of California-Hollywood. She has two years of retail experience through which she gained knowledge and skills in merchandising, visual displays, styling and event planning. Although her passion is for the fashion industry, a majority of her work experience is with children. She has been working with kids for a total of ten years and enjoys every second of it. Brynn’s work with children has allowed her to develop patience and understanding as well as a tailored approach to structure and organization. All of these attributes have factored into her enjoyment of event planning. Through her studies Brynn has also become sufficient in Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point. These skills have been helpful to her in designing invitations and flyers, designing stores, layouts, and visual displays to present to clients . Brynn loves to work with people and share ideas. She has a passion for taking a simple idea, transforming it into something unique and exciting, and executing it as a tangible event for people to enjoy. She is the type of person that refuses to settle, because a person does not settle for the future, the future settles for the person.