Erik Nuber


Have been in print media for 15 years now. Nothing is better than loving the job you do and having a pile of work that makes time fly by. Some days feels like you just sat down and it's already dark outside. I have done several monthly magazines, experienced cutting and pasting with an old-school company that did mock ups on paste board and, I do whatever needs to be done for print. That includes but not limited to Ads, Web materials, Branding, Coupons, Magazines, Articles, White Page Style Catalog, Corporate Identity... I am the entire department for the company I work for. I also am the go to tech person for anything wrong with a computer, software, phone, tablet. Whatever it is, I can figure it out. I absorb information quickly and, just have a natural born instinct for tech. I've upgraded systems both software and hardware, put together networks (LAN), wired and rewired for internet both wireless and hardwired. Taken the time to teach people how to use software programs as well as having experience doing phone tech support for entire west coast of a retail chain. The same goes for in-home as if it's broke the worst it's going to get is staying broke. I have fixed a dryer, plumbed both kitchen and bathroom sinks, can wire any tv system and program even the most complicated of media systems onto a universal remote.