Mark Regynski

Mark Regynski

Human-Centered UX Designer: Growth-Driven. Results-Focused. | Cultivating visions to help businesses grow.

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Consistently deliver substantial revenue gains from strategic growth marketing initiatives and UX/UI/Product designs aligning user needs and business objectives.

// Accomplishments
* Innovation and forward-thinking ideas: Created an interactive user journey/prototype supporting stakeholder buy-in showcasing interaction and chatbot engagement.
— 33% increase in targeted sales leads (2 month pilot utilizing Drift platform).

* Elevated e-Commerce experience: Delivered weekly optimization strategy and conversion-focused designs aligned with KPI’s/FY goals.
— 300%+ increase in avg. conversion rates (from < 1% CR).
— 680% increase free trial registration (primary goal) growing from 24/month to 188/month.
— 1,775% increase in MRR (from $12,500 to $225,000) which represents 38% of $7M FY goal.

* Maximum impact in winning presentations: Designed slide content/info/graphics + SaaS UI concepts/mockups used in C-Suite/sales presentations.
— Creative efforts generated a projected $1,100,000 of the total $10,000,000 FY revenue goal.

* High growth strategy: Created print/digital marketing solutions to support cross-channel ecosystem of inside/outside/vendor sales teams.
— Helped generate $9,000,000 revenue growth (1st yr) and a projected $7,000,000 (2nd yr).

// Certifications:
DigitalMarketer: Optimization & Testing Specialist (June 2018) -
DigitalMarketer: Content Marketing Specialist (January 2019) -