Natalie Reed


Resourceful Product Developer with a diverse background in Product Planning and Development, Production Methodology and Procurement of Accessories in the Action Sports Industry. Consummate leader willing to work outside the job description in order to establish vision, strategy and execution of long and short-term objectives for complex and evolving manufacturing environments. CORE COMPETENCIES - Enthusiastic team player with exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. - Adept to working in fast-paced, deadline driven environments. - Extensive attention to detail related to calendar, quality, innovation and performance. - Strong business acumen developed from on the job experience, knowledge imparted from mentors and a persevering work ethic fueled by a dedicated state of mind. ACCOMPLISHMENTS - Recipient of 2013 Flexfit Vendor Preferred Partnership Award. - Identified the need to create an environment in which Accessory development and design could operate competitively and profitably in a global market. The result of this effort lead to a 30% increase in year-over-year sales growth for a leading Accessory category. - Created a leveled flow in the development process during critical stages of restructuring by implementing Lean principles of standardization. - Mentored and trained newly promoted design personnel on the fundamentals of product design and development processes. - Standardized existing tech pack format to enhance the organization and management of content for consistency and easy vendor comprehension.