Kevin Heiner


At Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., I engage with business leadership, project teams and vendors to select and deliver services. A few of the most recent activities I have enjoyed in this role include speaking at the How Design Live Conference 2014 on Empowering Creative Efficiency, managing the implementation of a digital asset management service, and producing a business services intranet site. Further, I had the opportunity to develop and teach a security awareness course, with over 300 staff members completing the classes. I recently completed my MBA at Brandman University with an emphasis in marketing, which deepened my business acumen and strengthened my leadership capabilities. I received a BS in Organizational Leadership at Biola University which broadened my understanding of organizational dynamics and taught me to consider the significance of actions that occur within the organization. Colleagues know me as creative and trustworthy, and as one who can develop strategic solutions to address challenges and opportunities. I find great enjoyment in planning strategy with colleagues and promoting the next big initiative. I am always looking for the opportunity to learn, especially from those around me, and to support others in delivering the best possible products. As I progress through my career, I hope to teach business part-time at the university level. I’m interested in connecting with business colleagues and talking business with others, so send me a message if you would like to connect.