Vicente Santa Cruz

Vicente Santa Cruz

Apparel/Graphic Designer

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I am 27 years old graphic designer born in USA and been living in Chile since i was a boy. At the age of 17 i founded Kaya Unite ( a chilean action sports/street wear brand. I have been designing and developing the brand since 2005 and parallel also working for other clients of the action sports scene in Chile.

Now i move back to USA settling down in Oceanside, California.

It’s been 10 years of productive work and a fantastic learning experience designing for a life style concept into clothing. I have been involved in all kind of process to develop a brand and work hard for it. All that time i have gained experience on how to design into products and diversity of materials, always been involved with the screen prints process and product developers. Love to create original artwork, work with color pallets, graphics, patterns and products. Always able to create multiple color ways for a variety of existing styles.

I am a motived designer with a lot of energy working hard and continue learning more about of products and action sports industry. I enjoy surfing, skateboarding and outdoor activities.