Matthew Thrush


I worked as an Arabic linguist for the Navy for six years transcribing and translating texts. I have also been a freelance writer for Tate Publishing since 2008 with two novels published through them and sold in stores like Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Currently, I write articles or blog for various customers. One of which is Three of my articles for them were listed as Editor's Pick of the week. I possess the innate drive for success. My skills, talents and passions are driven by my motivation to be the best at anything I do. If I do not know something, I have no problem admitting to this, and instead of covering it up, I will ask someone who knows the answers, who can teach or show me, or I will look it up myself. I am all about learning. And in this global age of competitive collaboration, companies and their employees all need to have the mindset that there is room for constant growth and improvement. If we lack the drive to learn, we will never improve on ourselves. Two more books are scheduled for publication. The third of my five book fantasy series and a choose your own adventure story. Both will also be available in Barnes and Noble and similar stores upon completion of the publication process.