Seth Kaiser


I have served in a number of positions of responsibility over the years in I was expected to be able to identify necessary projects and innovations and to be able to solve them, both alone and with the help of a team. My goal is to become a part of a company with which I can begin a career that will allow me to make meaningful contributions creatively and intellectually beyond just labor. I believe that the skills I have developed in the various positions I have served, when taken into consideration with strengths instilled in me through training and business as an artist and entrepreneur, make me a lucrative candidate for a variety of positions that demand a strong independent work ethic, communication skills, creative problem solving and innovation, organization and team/ focused management. I have a knack for identifying areas of innovation and refining areas of strength. I work especially well in creative team environments am not afraid to experiment, offer alternate opinions or points of view or to be told that I am wrong.