William Eoff


I'm a proven salesman, leader, and communicator. I'm an expert in bilingual communications, problem solving, and interpersonal relations. As a project foreman at Vista Painting Services, I created my own opportunity. I started by supervising a crew of 10 painters and increased it to 50, leading to a significant increase in company profits and ultimately the expansion of the business. My time studying Spanish and Anthropology at the University of Nevada, Reno, helped develop my skills in language, communication, and a deep understanding of how people different than me view the world. My real world travel experience throughout South America and Russia has provided me with a medium for the practical application of my theoretical understanding of people and culture. I've worn many hats in my career; salesman, foreman researcher, marketer and translator. My ability to learn quickly on the job has afforded me a wide variety of professional experience. I have a unique skill set which enables me to perform a variety of multi-disciplinary projects and navigate complex challenges. Real life experience has taught me that my value comes down to the following: --I love bridging communication gaps and understanding people from different cultures. --Being bilingual helps me do this on a daily basis. --I want to win more than the other guy. --I run toward fires. --I will not be outworked. --I am a social creature; listening to clients' needs and customer service comes naturally to me. --I am not satisfied until I know all aspects of a job and have figured out how to exceed expectations. I love making new professional acquaintances. Reach out if you want to talk viticulture, international real estate, Spanish, anthropology, politics or surfing.