John B Macchione III


Creativity. Leadership. Drive. The above three words have been my motto for my successful career. I have been described as many things, but boring is certainly not one of them. I strive for perfection and although that is not possible, this approach has brought me much success. This complements my bold and outgoing personality while still maintaining finesse and attention to meticulous detail when managing projects or dealing with situations. Through my studies and experience I have learned much about my leadership style which includes bringing out the best of people, keeping a high morale, and producing the best product possible. Social media has become a large part of my life and I have taken strides to really understand the best use of this form of communication that has become such an essential part of many peoples' lives. In March 2013 I was interviewed by Shanghai Concordia EdTech Podcast about social media ( This 30-minute interview touches on many issues including of social media including advertising, privacy, and social media use in the future. I also touch on websites that I regularly use and understand such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, LinkedIn, Klout, and more. Technology is an integral part of my life. Its not just typical consumer technology that I like to stay up to date on, but also the business side such as eMBMS, startups, and other developing tech. I always like to know what is coming next so that I can use it to my advantage as quickly as possible. My past experience bodes well to my being a "people person". Ever since I was 16 I was known as the guy you bring customers to to close a sale or increase RPC. I also love speaking in public or private. Give me an audience and stand back!