Khoi Tra


Recent graduate with Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from University of Minnesota. Aspiring, detail-oriented, and cost-conscious engineer looking for a career as process engineer, chemical plant operator, or laboratory chemist. Specialties: -Process simulation and optimization (Aspen HYSYS, efficiency and profitability improvement) -Process design (design of experiment, MS Visio PFD, pilot plant scale-up) -Unit operations (evaporation, heat exchanger, gas flow meter, gas membrane separation, liquid-liquid extraction, ion exchange, distillation, non-newtonian flow, water cooling and humidification) -Evaluate and identify operational issues, problem-solving, provide technical solution & report -Engineering safety (OSHA, HAZOP, PHA) -Analytical chemistry -spectroscopy (atomic absorption and emision, UV-vis, FTIR, fluorescence, NMR) -chromatography (HPLC, GCMS, TLC) -calorimetry -voltammetry -Chemistry softwares (Gaussian09, SpectraSuite, GaussView, ChemBioDraw) -Programming (C/C++, MatLab) Resourceful team member with strong interpersonal skills to coworkers and clients. Demonstrated capacity for leadership and teamwork. Interested in a career connection and expanding professional experience.