Julia Carpey


I'm an outside the box thinker, self-motivating, and highly focused. I work well independently in pressure cooker situations, but can also thrive in a group setting. I've spent time living in other countries, as well as volunteering in underdeveloped countries and have built invaluable skills through my travel experiences. Through my various travel experiences, my problem solving skills, confidence, ability to communicate cross-culturally and adaptability skills all been honed tremendously I work well in organized settings, but I excel when placed under stress. My grit and perseverance push me to work for the long-term goal that is reached by meeting short-term goals and recognizing that life is a marathon and not a sprint. Ultimately I would like to be in an upper-level leadership position in the travel, food, fashion or sports industry. Yet, I recognize that I must learn the ropes in entry level positions and work my way up from there. Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle while making that a part of my career is ideal for me.