Chao-Rong Hsu


I am interested in a full-time position to expand my experience in Operations Management. While I am seeking a position in a company in need of a bilingual Chinese/English candidate dealing with international sales and marketing with Chinese markets, I am willing to consider full-time jobs or internships that allow me to further develop my international commerce experience. Ultimately, my longterm goal is being a professional independent contractor and as such focus on improving the living conditions in Taiwanese communities as well as solve societal problems that adversely affect people across the world. I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (UWL) College of Business Administration (CBA). With this degree, I am hoping to pursue a career in the field of international commerce where I am able to wield my Taiwanese background, language and culture. With my skills, I want to help a company establish their business in different countries. Throughout my studies at the National Kaohsiung University of Applied Science (NKUAS) in Taiwan, as well as my courses at UWL, I acquired essential knowledge to thrive in a position which includes statistical analysis, marketing, marketing research, as well as experience as a sales representative. During the time I studied abroad in the USA, I was working at Sodexo as a part-time employee. Sodexo has given me extensive experience in developing company business operations with not only my peers, but also the staff and faculty at UWL. Besides that, I registered to live in the Global Village Community in Eagle Hall. There, I had the opportunity to interact with many people from different countries and cultures. That enabled me to develop a sense of awareness and appreciation for cultural differences which will be useful for forming international connections. These skills present an advantage that will help me be successful as an international commerce transactor.