Stanley Pratt


? Was awarded the emergency preparedness contract for St David’s 3 days after the Ebola case in Dallas Texas. ? From 2012 to 2014 grew the inventory 30% to a $13 million inventory while reducing the amount on hand from 45 days down to 31 days ? Supervise physical inventory counts during annual inventory with a 0.006% variance on a 10 million dollar inventory ? Ensure that all Key Performance Indicator are met or exceeded. Increasing the fill rate from 95.9% to 99.1% in 3 months. ? Implemented DES and BMS program that increased availability in the market by 99.9% ? Added multiple vendors to the CRM program to increase availability of different items to meet the Dr’s needs for multiple research projects ? Built automated excel spreadsheets and using existing equipment to semi automate an overstock book ? Maintain effective communication with customers, co-workers, and other team members.