Will Hawkins

Will Hawkins

Senior Designer

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I am a designer based in Portland, OR who is on the hunt for a career opportunity. I would love the opportunity to steal your attention
in hopes to become one of your band of misfits.

Currently, I am the Senior Designer of Integrated Marketing for Digital Trends. Throughout my day to day, I work on an abundance of fully immersive, HTML based, interactive advertisements and websites with a large focus on UX and UI design. I have a passion for animation and motion graphics as well, having created custom projects for clients such as Samsung, Intel, and LG. When I am not controlling the minds of the masses with beautiful ads, I share my technical and creative knowledge with my coworkers, perfect processes, and develop new products to enhance the future of advertisement
and internet usability.

Outside of the offi ce, I live in a galaxy far, far away. I refer to it as Hoth, but around here it is commonly known as Mt. Hood. Staying active with a life full of adventure and adrenaline keeps my mind clear and open to any and all creative influences. I am looking for a full time position and am available to start within two weeks.

I am the droid you are looking for.