Jon Sedor


I have been devoted to the sport and lifestyle of the skateboarder, snowboarder, and BMX biker since I was 13 years old – living to ride and make my marks on the streets of Cleveland. The combinations of skateboarder, BMX biker, and avid graffiti artist lead me to study visual arts for the past ten years, developing and refining my raw, unstructured images of the energies around me. However, while I have an MFA in fine arts, I am still pulled back to graphic design, my first love. Most recently, I have been freelancing in design work developing logos, t-shirts, posters and business cards for various groups, generally in the sports world. Along with biking, surfing, and snowboarding, I am also a sponsored rock climber, placing nationally and internationally in paraclimbing competitions. Having lost my dominant hand the summer before college was a major life happening, needless to say, but it has not dampened nor hindered my love of sports, my skills in the arts, nor my abilities to excel. I am naturally driven and hard working in my life and work. I am also determined to push the limits of possibilities for adaptive athletes and feel it is imperative to give back to these communities that have given so much to me by volunteering my time in guidance, training and design work with two non-profits. I am now seeking to bring my passion for sports, mountains, and my love and training in the arts together fulltime. I have experience in the retail side, as well as marketing and design while in college, both providing me a solid, broad view of contemporary trends and styles. I wholeheartedly feel my overall commitment and involvement to the outdoor industry, as well as my academic and professional experience, makes me a strong candidate for a graphic design or illustration position within the action sports industry.