Jonathan Caleb Magley


Analytical and focused marketing Account Executive with proven client and employee relationship skills. Effective communicator, problem solver and critical thinker. Proficient with budget maintenance, project deadlines, team management, as well as market and consumer research. Looking to gain more knowledge in the field of marketing, advertising and promotions. I have multiple years of experience in customer service positions and have utilized that knowledge for my business retention skills. I enjoy working in Adobe Creative Suite to understand what it takes to produce marketing elements from an account perspective. I never stop learning new things and have knowledge in many different aspects of the marketing world. Members of my team look to me for guidance and trust my ability to get the job done. I treat every employee as equally as the next and it has proven to grow the relationships I have in and out of work. I have general knowledge in Adobe Creative Suite 6 and have the ability to start/finish projects while other departments are backed up to ensure the project deadlines are still being properly met.