Matt Brooks


I have been employed since the earliest allowable age by American Adventure Inc. in Charlotte, NC. This company is vehicle rental and sales, and I have been trained to handle both over the course of 6 or so years. Once graduating high school in 2011, I was given a full time position, and have been both a full time worker and full time student. In addition to American Adventure, I held a sales representative position in early 2014 in an effort to meet people within the Motorsports industry and to equip my garage for the up coming hare scramble race season. While an excellent company, working two jobs while a student and a racer proved to require more hours in a day than there were available, so I quit Cycle Gear in an effort to put more effort into my day job and racing career. Currently I retain all three positions, with American Adventure as a full time employee, as a full time student, and as a racer poised with a newly created team for the 2015 race season.