John Dixon


WHAT I DO: I lead my team through conceptualizing, researching and creating trend and consumer relevant aesthetic stories for electronic gadget covers. We build and present color merchandising presentations and product delivery strategies intended to differentiate per-door deliveries. I excel at overseeing these presentations and aligning the individual product categories to broaden our brands reach and consumer appeal. I approach every project with an open mind. I study the assignment, analyze the marketplace and get close to my intended consumer. I don’t want to just scratch the surface, I want to get inside their head - looking for common bonds, habits, likes and dislikes, concerns and connections. I want to know what motivates them, what turns them on and what pisses them off... Most importantly, what they can’t live without THE TOOLS I USE: Mac/Adobe CC, Illustrator, PhotoShop, Bridge, Word, PowerPoint, etc... PROVEN METHOD: Listen & Learn Establish Objectives Generate Ideation Refine Options Deliver Best Solution ASPIRATIONS: I am inspired by leading highly creative, open-minded people. I'm looking to grow and diversify, both personally and professionally. I'm interested in working on different types of products and I'm intrigued by getting to know new and different consumers. I'm motivated to deliver authentic creative solutions to every challenge that confronts me. CORE COMPETENCIES: Extensive Global Brand Experience Creative Team Building & Leadership Deep Consumer Knowledge High Profile Communication Market Awareness Inspiration Presentations Concept Generation Rapid-fire Creative Thinker