Ray Dale II


I have a lifetime fine art background with an acquired bachelors degree in graphic design. I have been doing some freelance work while in school and after. I have many ideas of accomplishments and directions to journey through. I want to use my talent help make the world a better place, such as humanitarianism and good stewardship. I want to help organizations that are trying to rethink and improve human existence and our symbiotic relations with creation. Some of the graphic design work that I want to do is illustration for science fiction/fantasy books, children's books(like Dr. Seuss), literary arts, cartooning. I'm also interested in branding, logos and package design. I have thought it would be fun to create covers and promotional materials for movies, games and music artists. I may seek to acquire further graphic design degrees or knowledge, in the future to build on my current degree. I have experience in using various technology, mediums, tools, materials and surfaces to create designs or art. I have knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite CS6 programs. I have applied experience in various Graphic Design concepts; print production, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Business Cards, Packaging, Publications, Layout, Story boarding, Logo Design, branding, advertisement, corporate identity, Illustrator, Vector Illustration, Illustration, Graphics, Visual Communication, Typography, Digital Illustration, Image Manipulation, photography, Photoshop, Web Design, Art Direction, Fine Art and many other related work in the field. I have experience on PC and Mac computers. I have a high level of experience in fine art with natural ability to express my knowledge and skills in them as well.