Shari Goins


Hello. Thanks for looking at my profile. My name is Shari and I love video! I have a B.A. in film, which means I know all aspects of video and how to take a video from conception to completion. I've specialized in video editing. I have been editing since 2002. I know how to edit on Adobe Premier Pro, Avid, and Final Cut Pro. I primarily edit on Final Cut Pro 7 on a MacBook. You can see my full credits list on my website Though my editorial skills are vast, I also have experience in leadership and management positions. I won the Venturing Leadership award in 2002. As a post-production supervisor, I led a team of four editors. As a station manager, I led a small TV station to its' most successful year and increased viewership and brand recognition. As a entrepreneur and business owner, I attended and graduated CEO Space in 2010. In 2012, I successfully produced the 48 Hour Film Project for the first time in the state of Mississippi. During my position at Greene HD Productions, I put my creativity to work and branded two different TV series. Magnificent Motorcars, a TV series solely edited by me, will be airing on the Velocity channel in Summer 2014. Season 1 includes 14 episodes that are 22 minutes each. E-mail me now to see how I can help you: I am a very hard-worker, detail oriented, and organized. I am hyper-creative, determined, and was never aware a box existed. I am great to work with because I have an enterprising imagination and have inexhaustible amounts of energy that produces high efficiency. A positive attitude is combined with a never ending pursuit of knowledge and a passion for video and its aesthetics. I know how to take a video from conception to completion using my award winning leadership skills or taking instructions well. Specialties: Video Editing narratives on Final Cut Pro. Open networker LION