Andy Genewick


I manage all outward communications including website, email campaigns and B2B advertising, SEO and social media campaigns. I have extensive knowledge in compiling workbooks, catalogs, hang tags, point of purchase collateral, and trade show collateral. I have worked as a freelance graphic designer honing my skill and furthering my understanding of the programs required to be a talented artist. My recent projects include a published book cover and some detailed and elaborate production work on hang tags and point of purchase pieces. My nine years of experience as a Marketing Specialist allows me the opportunity to offer you an artist who has worked as both a manager and designer. I have managed design teams as well as an array of print projects including hang tags, packaging, workbooks, catalogs, and point of purchase collateral. In the process I have managed photo shoots and color corrections for both print and web use. I have learned to work closely with marketing directors, product managers, PR agencies, photographers, web designers, and of course lead graphic designers. I am certified in the Adobe Creative Suite, though I’ve been working with these programs in different capacities for years. I pride myself with a tremendous work ethic and continuing enthusiasm to further develop my creative as well as leadership skills. And above all I enjoy tackling new work experiences and welcome change.