Lamar Medeiros


Equipped with a naturally imaginative mind and a creative ambition for design and presentation forged through years of education, LaMar is a true innovator. Her inspirations are as eclectic as she, including: music, cinema, art, photography, and other designer's work to name a few. As a graphic designer, she is fortunate enough to draw on a variety of these to add to an already visionary instinct to her designs and work. The results are always truly reflective of what her client had in mind, often far surpassing their expectations. Having completed an extensive BFA program, she is now looking for opportunities to bring her talents to any employer in search of a passionate designer. She is skilled in production management, branding, design, motion graphics, as well as print. LaMar also happens to be a very hard worker with the kind of work ethic desired for any job, but especially vital for the focus and dedication needed to envision and complete a design or concept. Ultimately, she hopes to be a Creative Director and is willing to pay her dues to acquire the skills and knowledge to one day lead a team of designers. For now, LaMar is seeking a position to start her journey and can be more than just a graphic designer, but also a photographer, editor, artist, and much more for any organization, client, or event. In a world of cliche and exhausted work, this ambitious young mind is eager to find a role she can grow in to and thrive for her employer.