Dustin Smith


Rewards senior leadership with a unique perspective, unparalleled insight, and actionable marketing solutions while working collaboratively to uncover ways to improve financial performance. Leverages more than a decade of experience leading organizations to achieve market-leading dominance by creating business upturns and seamlessly merging cross-cultural organizational goals to create solutions that ensure buy-in. Cultivates long-term business alliances, and communicates value propositions with precision to all levels worldwide. PHILOSOPHY I am a firm believer in lateral thinking and successful partnerships. I have a passion about marketing and dissatisfaction with status quo. At the end of the day, results are what count. I agree that "A Great Brand is a Story Well Told" balanced with the need to cultivate results in awareness, trial and sales. Products can be copied, marketing tactics can be mirrored, but strong relationships with the end consumer cannot. SPECIALTIES: Marketing, Strategy, Advertising, Branding, Strategy, Restaurants, Account/Territory Management, Branding, Business Development, Client Relations, Consulting, Event Planning, Promotions, Digital ROI, Logistics, Market Analysis, Marketing, Needs Assessment, Negotiating,Presentations, Project Management, Public Relations, Strategic Planning, Team Leadership, Motivation,Training/Development,Vendor Relations, Promotions,TV, Radio, Digital Production, SEO, SEM ACTION & RESULTS: Established record of accomplishment in brand strategy, campaign development and integrated marketing planning and precise execution. I have a proven ability to lead and manage diverse retail marketing accounts, as well as lead and motivate internal teams.