Desiree Erin Bellicini


I am, by nature, a persistent person. If there is a goal I want to achieve, I will keep it in the forefront of my mind and will continually come back to it with different ways of making it happen until it does. I have moved across the country twice without having perspective employers lined up. Some may think this is an ignorant move. It was quite scary, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat for the adventures and experiences I have gained. I once was able to get a job by visiting my potential employer on an almost daily basis for two weeks until an opportunity sprung up for me to step in. I eventually became the regional manager for their restaurants through my hard work and determination. Before I moved to the West Coast I found an employer that was adamant about social media and marketing in the fitness industry. I began following their instagram, facebook, and twitter accounts to learn more insights into the company and their culture. I focused my social media more on health and wellness and was able to gain their attention. I put forth the effort to make myself known and am now the accounts manager for their growing brand. I attribute my success to: -Persistence - and never backing down from what I want -Drive - knowing that half of the battle is putting in the work that no one else is willing to do -Patience - the ability to wait until the opportunity that I am seeking is readily accessible -Knowledge - understanding all aspects of what I am seeking to achieve in order to be truly successful -Smiling - no one wants to approach the person in the room with a sour look on their face no matter how amazing their resume boasts them to be