Jordan Brady


I majored in Business Management and I’ve always been intrigued by business ever since I read Jim Collins book Good TO Great, around the time I graduated from high school. While on the path of attaining my degree I have had the opportunity to create, operate, and sell a watch business that I started to help me get through college. My past employment opportunities have given me four years of customer service experience and two years of sales. During my final year of college I have managed a twelve-man sales team. During that time I worked on setting and meeting sales goals, payroll, scheduling, and business analysis. My proudest moment in my career thus far would be my experience in starting a company at school that allowed me to apply my marketing knowledge and refine my natural ability to lead and help others succeed. I have a passion for all things action sports. I enjoy any activity that gets me outside with my friends and family. Though I am not “amazing” at any sport specifically, I can hold my own when a challenge is presented. Lately, I have been passionate about new venture growth and trying to figure out how to innovate current industry norms. As far as employment goes, I am hoping to find a place where I can grow, be profitable and do something I care about with people I like and respect.