Dustin Kemp


With approximately 13 years of corporate training and employee development experience, I have the skillset, tools, and passion that is necessary to positively impact the performance and culture of any organization. I have experienced success in leading training teams in a number of organizations and continue to lead with the goal of being world-class. Here are just a couple of the qualities that I bring to the table: Leadership – I have not only lead training teams during my career, but have also developed and delivered leadership development programs that focus on striking a balance between relationships, policy/procedure, and performance. This balance is the key to consistent improvement and accountability. I have been able to develop and manage positive working relationships with not only external clients, but also internal corporate stakeholders. Process management – My understanding of the overall training process, from needs assessment to evaluation and continuation, has allowed me to develop and execute high impact training programs that support skill development of sales, technical, leadership, and training professionals. My experience in delivery of training through multiple mediums (classroom, webinar, e-learning, or mix) ensures that the right delivery platform is used for the right training objective and the right audience. My experience as a training professional goes beyond my ability to deliver dynamic and engaging training. My passion for employee development, skill as a leader, and ability to deliver results will take any Training and Development organization down the path to achieving “world class”.