Rich Schulte


Greetings! I am Drew Schulte, an adventurer, lifelong learner, educator, friend, brother, son, follower, leader, business professional, and philanthropist among other roles in life. A personal goal of mine is to live well and do so by means that enable me to express my passion through work. I enjoy learning about and encountering leadership moments, assessing them, and passing them on. I discovered a passion for leadership from an early age, initially searching what for what I could to better myself. As I grew, I learned through various service, academic, and athletic experiences what my perception of leadership is. I now believe it is centrally defined by what we can do to better the lives of others. My undergraduate academic studies of International Leadership Studies, Spanish, and Management have enabled me to function in a multitude of organizations. Civic engagement was a focal point during my four years of secondary and higher education, working in and developing non-profit, public, and private organizations. Additionally, my extracurricular activities of Varsity Rowing and Greek Life exposed me to the challenges, failures, and successes of high performing teams. Working in professional development has brought me to appreciate the power of teams even more. Client after client I have served and witnessed the transformation in groups from individuals to a cohesive unit. It amazes me what teams can accomplish once they have engaged and invested themselves in the team building process. I aspire to continue to develop educated, emotionally intelligent, and passionate teams in my professional career. ***If you'd like me to join your high performing team contact me at [email protected] regarding employment opportunities.*** Specialties: -Understanding leadership theories and models in global contexts -Promoting a sense of community in the work place -Working with diverse groups towards a common goal -Knowledge of Spanish, and Portuguese