Johnny Huang


Mr. Huang possesses a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he has a wealth of knowledge in structural and mechanical systems. During his internships, he brought his knowledge from school to the real world; meanwhile, he understands his future goal – to become a dependable Mechanical Design Engineer. Mr. Huang is a young ambitious engineer. He strives to hone his 2D and 3D skills through Creo(Pro/E), SolidWorkds, and AutoCAD. He has joined Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) group to gain the latest ideas of product designing. In addition, he loves to share creativity thoughts among his colleagues and friends before start the project. Mr. Huang has experience with design for plastic injection molding, including parametric CAD modeling and the proprietary mechanical design of safety equipment for industrial and consumer markets globally. Besides, all of the products he designed have passed National Science Foundation (NSF) certification. In his capacity as a design engineer, he gained expertise in plastic design principles, load testing and material property consideration. This mechanical engineer is enthusiastic in augmented reality concept, which blurs the line between what's real and what's computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell. He strives on create cool devices which are enable to change people’s lifestyle in the future.