Amanda Cragen


I work with businesses and non-profits, often lending my management and leadership skills to help these groups as they achieve their goals. I look at challenges by asking how I can contribute to the solution and by developing long-term plans for growth and improvement. I believe that the key to success in most endeavors is building a strong team with a diverse skill-set, and then enabling that team to perform and succeed. When making decisions and planning, I rely on research and analysis. I read a lot. I keep records of business metrics, and look for trends/changes/opportunities. I ask my colleagues questions about what they see and what they think. I share my thoughts and what I learn with others. Building and growing, for me, is an ongoing conversation. It is a way of doing things. It is what keeps me engaged with my work. In my free time, I cycle, run, hike, camp, kayak, and I try to be the dog owner that my dog wants me to be. Opportunities for growth in these arenas abound.