Scott Fliegelman


Over the past 25 years, I have enjoyed many thousands of unique customer experiences, worked closely with more than a hundred influential colleagues, and have produced dozens of winning products and programs across assorted categories. My customers would say that I am highly professional, thoroughly organized, ethical in my business practices, and show an uncanny level of caring and interest in each of them. My colleagues would share that I am meticulously well prepared, clear in my vision and expectations, highly collaborative, and demonstrate a contagious level of exuberance for my work. My racing competitors would add that I am a gear geek and that I excel at finding "comfort in discomfort" while maintaining a smile and positive attitude amidst adversity. My wife and son would note that I love to train and race but keep a healthy balance with work and family life. I would say, in business as in sports, that I thrive on preparing and competing alongside my teammates, and that I am fulfilled when I arrive at the finish line having fully exhausted my fitness and executed a brilliant race plan... regardless of the time on the clock. But winning is pretty good too!