Neil Borgman


Intro/Skills ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A hardworking, persuasive, and conscientious young professional focused on growing in the field of business. I have the leadership, social, persuasion and reasoning skills essential to succeed in business, as exemplified in the following areas: • Becoming an Eagle Scout, serving as captain on my lacrosse and cross-country teams, and serving on the Sigma Chi Executive Committee gave me an opportunity to improve upon and demonstrate my leadership skills. • Studying abroad, my various jobs and leadership positions, Boy Scouts, tutoring Spanish children, and many of my other activities gave me the opportunity to interact and communicate effectively with a wide variety of people. • The liberal arts education I received at Centre College provided me with strong reasoning skills. • During my Internship at the University of Louisville selling season football tickets I gained valuable sales experience that would help me in a sales position. Outdoors ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I’ve a very strong passion for the outdoors, and I yearn to be involved in an industry that I’m passionate about. As Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Simply put, most of us are more productive when we’re doing something that we have a passion for because we’re willing to work harder at it. It’s no longer considered work. I would be thrilled to start my business career in the outdoor industry because that passion combined with my other skills would make it possible to excel. Sales & Marketing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ During my internship at B-Dry, I worked closely with the digital marketing group on campaigns in the areas of search engine optimization, paid display, and paid search. These activities gave me a solid introduction to the world of digital marketing. During my time at GE, I was introduced to the interworkings of inside sales support for a Fortune 500 company. During my internship at the University of Louisville, selling season football tickets, I gained valuable direct consumer sales experience. In particular, I learned how to effectively deliver a value proposition and close on that proposition over the phone. • Sold over $56,000 in season tickets • Participated in the design of season ticket programs to increase sales • Participated in digital marketing meetings and strategy sessions