Hunter Alzate


I'm a curious person who always seeks understanding and knowledge in all facets of life. The search for understanding and knowledge truly began during my first philosophy class at the University of Washington Seattle. The class discussed the notion of 'What is knowledge?' and after years of thought and experiences, I now believe that knowledge is not reciting facts, languages, solving problems, or anything of that nature, but rather a culmination of personal experience. Experience in school, jobs, personal relationships, friends, family, traveling, and the little things that constitute daily life are all opportunities to learn that I must focus my awareness towards at all times. I learned from my experience in education at MiraCosta College that one should never be afraid to chase your dream career, no matter where and what position one is in now. I met countless middle aged adults, who for whatever reason, were in a career change. An intelligent man who obtained a M.A. in English from UCSB was now transitioning to a career in Nursing. A woman who decided to to try her hand at engineering instead of medicine. These stories of courage and determination in the face of uncertainty were and are a great inspiration in my life. Never be afraid to make the change you wish to see in your career. Now I am in a similar position. I have completed a handful of computer science MOOCs in my spare time to broaden my analytical skill set. I wish to apply these new skills to my existing knowledge of statistics in the emerging fields of large scale data analytics and biotechnology.